Unlikely conversations: Women's History through its literature

For Data Art class, Renata Gaui and I started thinking about women's literature: which are the themes that women write about and how it has changed through history. We've both been really interested in topics related to women's history and how we can learn about it through their creative process. And women's reality can't be generalized. It's not the same everywhere, even if they are in the same place, it's never the same situation. There's a quote from Toni Morrison that describes this idea: "... black women write differently from white women. This is the most marked difference of all those combinations of black and white, male and female. It's not so much that women write differently from men, but that black women write differently from white women. Black men don't write very differently from white men". 

We presented the idea of doing a historical analysis of literature written by white and black american women writers to shed a light on how segregation generated different contexts for women and how the difference is illustrated through their literature. For this, we proposed to make an analysis of the literary work of different writers, make a semantical analysis of the vocabulary and through that, conclude what the work is about. With that result, we would be able to make a comparison of how they express about the same topic. 

We wanted to design a performative space that would expose viewers to different perspectives written by women over the same topic. The following drawings (made by Renata) exemplify the experience we proposed:

(We are still thinking about ways of turning this project into a real thing.)

Imagen 1.png